read any good books lately?

Today I took a skate into town spoke to a friendly boy at Stale Skate Shop who kindly pointed me in the direction of some good places to skate in Turku.

I then went and treated myself to some Finnish books, in the hope that they will inform my studies here in Turku.

One of the books I bought,
Kalevala by Elias Lonnrot.

Described as ‘the great Finnish epic’.

It’s a collection of traditional poems, oral runes and folk stories dating back to the first half of the 19th century.

It heralded the beginning of a nationalistic renaissance in Finland and is said to have influenced generations of Finnish artists, writers and composers.

……so I thought it would be worth a read : )

2 thoughts on “read any good books lately?

  1. We had to read it in school. It has influenced to our art and music indeed.

    If You really need to find a good book written by Finnish author, then buy the book called “The Egyptian” written by Mika Waltari. After reading it You know how human heart is. It does not matter that all happened in Ancient Egypt, but all the same things are valid yet today. It has been translated into 40 languages, so to find it in English should not be problem.

    Here is how I see Turku

    Happy stay in Finland.

    • I just started reading it last night and i’m loving it. It’s got such powerful imagery it would be impossible to read it and not be influenced. I’m sure the english translation isn’t as good as the original but I can almost hear the songs in my head while I am reading it 🙂 Thanks for the other book recommendation. I joined the library today so will see if they have The Egyptian in english and read that next! I’ve only been in Turku a couple of days and am loving it already.

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